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Courses 2015/16

Students are encouraged to reconfigure the information presented on this page to gather courses into particular groups [e.g. collections, semesters, levels, points etc]. The default order of the list is alphabetical, ordered by course title, just click on column headings to change sort order.

This page should also be used to find out the Informatics course acronym for each course, used elsewhere on the timetable or associated pages. The column labelled course title provides a link to the Informatics course page, the EUCLID code title links to the centrally published course information.

Additional information is available in the Course Registration part of the ITO website, including introductory presentations and course survey responses.

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Programme Collection
Course URL EUCLID Code Acronym AI CG CS SE Level Points Year Delivery Period Lecturer / Coordinator/s
Accelerated Natural Language ProcessingINFR11125ANLPAICG11205S1S Goldwater / H Thompson
Adaptive Learning Environments 1 (Level 11)INFR11069ALE1AICG11104S2H Pain
Advanced Topics in Foundations of DatabasesINFR11122ATFDCSSE11205S2L Libkin
Advanced Vision (Level 11)INFR11031AVAICG11104S2B Fisher
Advanced Vision [Distance Learning]INFR11127AV-DL11105S2B Fisher
Agent Based Systems (Level 10)INFR10049ABSAICG10103S2M Rovatsos
AI Large PracticalINFR09018AILP9103S1S Anderson
Algorithmic Game Theory and its ApplicationsINFR11020AGTAAICS11104S2K Etessami
Algorithms and Data StructuresINFR10052ADSCS10103S2M Cryan
Applied DatabasesINFR11015AD11105S2S Maneth
Automated Reasoning (Level 11)INFR11074ARAICGCS11104S2P Jackson / J Fleuriot
Automatic Speech RecognitionINFR11033ASRAICG11104S2S Renals / H Shimodaira
Bioinformatics 1INFR11016BIO1CGCS11105S1M Hennig / D Armstrong
Bioinformatics 2INFR11005BIO2CGCS11105S2M Hennig / D Armstrong
Case Studies in Design Informatics 1INFR11094CDI111205S1J Oberlander
Case Studies in Design Informatics 2INFR11095CDI211205S1J Oberlander
Compiler Optimisation (Level 11)INFR11032COPTCS11104S2H Leather
Compiling TechniquesINFR10053CTCS10103S1C Dubach
Computational Cognitive NeuroscienceINFR11036CCNAICG11105S2P Series
Computational Cognitive ScienceINFR10054CCSAICG10103S1F Keller
Computational ComplexityINFR11102INFR11102/SV1/SEM1CS11104S1I Diakonikolas
Computer AlgebraINFR11111CACS11104S2K Kalorkoti
Computer Animation & Visualisation (Level 11)INFR11067CAVAICGCS11104S2T Komura
Computer ArchitectureINFR09009CARCS9103S2V Nagarajan / B Grot
Computer Communications and NetworksINFR09027COMNCS9103S2M Lee
Computer DesignINFR09010CDCS9103S1N Topham
Computer Graphics (Level 11)INFR11021CGAICGCS11104S1T Thorne
Computer Networking (Level 11)INFR11049CNCS11104S2M Marina
Computer Programming Skills and ConceptsINFR08022CP8201S1M Cryan / J Bradfield
Computer Science Large PracticalINFR09040CSLP9103S1P Patras
Computer SecurityINFR10058CSCS10103S2M Arapinis / K Vaniea
Credits Awarded for Autonomous Systems Research [Heriot Watt University]INFR11115HW-ASR11305S1not allocated
Credits Awarded for Taught Courses [Heriot Watt University] 1INFR11116HW-TC111155FLEXnot allocated
Credits Awarded for Taught Courses [Heriot Watt University] 2INFR11117HW-TC211155FLEXnot allocated
Data, Design and SocietyINFR08024DDS8201S2E Klein
Database SystemsINFR10055DBSCS10103S1P Guagliardo
Decision Making in Robots and Autonomous AgentsINFR11090DMRAICG11105S2R Ramamoorthy
Discrete Mathematics and Mathematical ReasoningINFR08023DMMR8202S1C Stirling / K Etessami
Distributed Systems (Level 11)INFR11022DSCS11104S1R Sarkar / B Franke
Elements of Programming LanguagesINFR10061EPLCSSE10103S1J Cheney
Embedded SystemsINFR11120ESCS11104S2M O'Boyle / B Franke
Extreme ComputingINFR11088EXCCS11104S1K Heafield
Foundations of Natural Language ProcessingINFR09028FNLPAICG9103S2S Goldwater / N Schneider
Honours Project (Informatics)INFR10044PROJ10404YRnot allocated
Human-Computer Interaction (Level 11)INFR11017HCIAICGCSSE11104S1D Arvind
Informatics 1 - Cognitive ScienceINFR08020INF1-CG8201S2R Shillcock / M Lapata / C Lucas
Informatics 1 - Computation and LogicINFR08012INF1-CL8101S1M Fourman
Informatics 1 - Data and AnalysisINFR08015INF1-DA8101S2I Stark
Informatics 1 - Functional ProgrammingINFR08013INF1-FP8101S1D Sannella
Informatics 1 - Object-Oriented ProgrammingINFR08014INF1-OP8101S2P Stevens
Informatics 2A - Processing Formal and Natural LanguagesINFR08008INF2A8202S1J Longley / S Cohen
Informatics 2B - Algorithms, Data Structures, LearningINFR08009INF2B8202S2K Kalorkoti / H Shimodaira
Informatics 2C - Introduction to Computer SystemsINFR08018INF2C-CS8102S1B Grot
Informatics 2C - Introduction to Software EngineeringINFR08019INF2C-SE8102S1P Jackson
Informatics 2D - Reasoning and AgentsINFR08010INF2D8202S2M Rovatsos / A Lascarides
Informatics Research ProposalINFR11071IRP11205S2M Van Rossum
Informatics Research ReviewINFR11034IRR11205S1M Van Rossum
Intelligent Autonomous Robotics (Level 10)INFR10005IARAICG10104S1B Webb
Introduction to Java ProgrammingINFR09021IJP9105S1P Anderson
Introduction to Quantum ComputingINFR11099IQCCS11104S1P Wallden
Introduction to Research in Data ScienceINFR11105IRDS11305S1C Sutton
Introduction to Theoretical Computer ScienceINFR10059ITCSCS10103S2J Bradfield
Introduction to Vision and RoboticsINFR09019IVRAICG9103S2M Herrmann / M Fallon
Introduction to Vision and Robotics [Distance Learning]INFR11126IVR-DL11105S2M Herrmann / M Fallon
Introductory Applied Machine LearningINFR10063IAMLAICGCS10103S1N Goddard
Logic ProgrammingINFR09031LPAICGCS9103S1A Smaill
Machine Learning & Pattern Recognition (Level 11)INFR11073MLPRAICGCS11104S1C Williams / I Murray
Machine Learning PracticalINFR11119MLPAICG11104S1S Renals
Machine Translation (Level 11)INFR11062MTAICG11104S2A Lopez
Masters Dissertation (Design Informatics)INFR11097MDI11605FLEXnot allocated
MInf Project (Part 1)INFR10051MIP110404FLEXnot allocated
MInf Project (Part 2)INFR11093MIP211405FLEXnot allocated
MSc by Research Thesis (Data Science)INFR11106RTDS11905B5+not allocated
MSc by Research Thesis (Data Science; 120pt)INFR11107RTDS+111205YRnot allocated
MSc by Research Thesis (Pervasive Parallelism)INFR11109RTPP111405YRnot allocated
MSc Dissertation (Informatics)INFR11077DISS11605B5+B Webber
Music InformaticsINFR11079MI11105S2A Smaill
Natural Language Understanding (Level 11)INFR11061NLUAICG11104S2M Lapata / F Keller
Neural ComputationINFR11008NCAICG11105S1M Van Rossum
Neural Information ProcessingINFR11035NIPAICG11105S2M Van Rossum / M Hennig
Operating SystemsINFR09015INFR09015/SV1/SEM2CS9103S2M O'Boyle
Parallel Architectures (Level 11)INFR11024PACS11104S2V Nagarajan
Parallel Programming Languages and Systems (Level 11)INFR11023PPLSCS11104S2M Cole
Pervasive ParallelismINFR11108PPAR11205S1M Cole
Probabilistic Modelling and ReasoningINFR11050PMRAICGCS11105S2A Storkey
Professional Issues (Level 10)INFR10022PI10103S1P Wadler / M Fourman
Reinforcement LearningINFR11010RLAICG11105S2M Herrmann
Robot Learning and Sensorimotor ControlINFR11091RLSCAICG11105S2S Vijayakumar
Robotics and Autonomous Systems Research ThesisINFR11118RASRT111005B5+not allocated
Robotics: Science and SystemsINFR11092RSSAI11205S1S Vijayakumar / C Williams / R Ramamoorthy
Secure ProgrammingINFR11098SPCSSE11104S2D Aspinall
Semantic Web SystemsINFR11104SWSAICG11104S2J Fleuriot
Social and Technological NetworksINFR11124STNCS11104S1R Sarkar
Software Architecture, Process, and Management (Level 11)INFR11038SAPMCSSE11104S2S Anderson
Software Engineering with Objects and ComponentsINFR10056SEOCCSSE10103S1P Stevens
Software TestingINFR10057STCSSE10103S2A Rajan
System Design ProjectINFR09032SDP9203S2H Thompson
System Level Integration PracticalINFR10042SLIPCS10104S1D Arvind
Topics in Cognitive Modelling (Level 11)INFR11086TCMAICG11104S2C Lucas / J Lee
Topics in Natural Language ProcessingINFR11113TNLPAICG11104S2S Cohen
Types and Semantics for Programming LanguagesINFR11114TSPLCS11104S2P Wadler
Undergraduate Research PracticalINFR09041URP9103S1J Lee