Operating Systems - Teaching assistant

Course:  Operating Systems

Type:  Teaching Assistant

Time in Year:  Course runs in Semester 1.

Number of Posts:  1 TA

Duties: primarily assisting with the practical exercise, and (most of the work) marking it.

The exercise involves modifying a component of the Linux kernel, running under Virtual Box on DICE machines. The TA will help me in assisting students with C programming (most of them only know Java), with getting their heads round the Linux kernel, and with understanding the relevant code, as well as in the practicalities of Virtual Box. This will probably be mostly via newsgroup, though it may be appropriate to hold some tutorial sessions in person.  This year, the TA should if possible take primary responsibility for the practical, including initial checking and set-up to cope with any changes in DICE, which must be done by week 2 at the latest.  Moreover, I am considering changing the practical, which has for the last few years been about the scheduler. A TA appointed early and with suitable experience could contribute largely to the design of a new practical

Contact: Julian Bradfield (jcb@inf.ed.ac.uk)

Application: Apply by email to tutor-applications@inf.ed.ac.uk and copy your email to Julian so that he knows you are interested.


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