Course: Extreme Computing

Teaching Assistant

Time in Year:  
Course runs in Semester 1, some preparation required prior to start of the semester.

Number of Posts: 1

Teaching Assistant (TA) for Extreme Computing, required to help develop two tutorials on Hadoop. The TA should be willing and able to deliver these tutorials, and to take responsibility for two assignment-related tutorials, where EXC students will be able to ask general questions about the assignment, or get a review of material relevant to the assignment. The TA will have no marking responsibilities. There is no need to known Java and the streaming interface to Hadoop can be used. Ideally, all scripts developed will be in a language such as Perl or Python.

This post is paid at grade UE06, currently upwards of £12.50/hr.  Double time for tutoring.

Total Hours:  up to 30 hours (depending on student numbers)

 Miles Osborne []

Application:  Apply by email to and copy your email to Miles so that he knows you are interested.

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