Course:  Computer Programming Skills & Concepts 1

Type:  Tutor

Time in Year:  Course runs in Semester 1.

Number of Posts:  approx 6

Each tutor will take 1 or 2 groups from week 3-10 in semester 1, with each tutorial lasting 50 minutes.  The tutor needs to be an ok-programmer, with some knowledge of C (however, since the course is quite basic, they don't need to be an expert).

There are 4 courseworks on the course.  Some of these will be marked by the course lecturer. There will also be the option for tutors to mark 1 or 2 of the courseworks, if interested.
Tutors that opt to do this will be paid the hourly marking rate for this task.

Tutorials for CP1 are paid at grade UE06, currently upwards of £12.50/hr [note that tutorials are paid at double time, 2x50ins, to allow for preparation]

Total Hours:  to be confirmed

Contact:  Mary Cryan

Application:  Apply by email to and copy your email to Mary so that she knows you are interested.

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