Course: Parallel Programming Languages and Systems

Teaching Assistant

Time in Year: 
Semester 2

Number of Posts:


Assist with design and preparation of the practical exercises for the course, and undertake almost all the marking for these.  The first exercise is pencil-and-paper, requiring students to trace, analyse and discuss some small shared-memory parallel code fragments, spotting races, synchronisation errors and so on. The second has two parts: an MPI programming exercise, and a literature reading/discussion exercise.


You will need to be familiar with issues and algorithms in shared memory and message passing parallel programming in general (such as  synchronisation and race issues), and MPI to a good level of competence in particular (experience in using a range of MPI collective operations, familiarity with different communication modes, experience of using communicators  beyond MPI_COMM_WORLD). For example, you might have previously achieved high marks on a course such as this.

This post is paid at grade UE06, currently upwards of £12.50/hr.

Total Hours: 
up to 80 (depending upon student numbers)

 Murray Cole

Application:  Apply by email to and copy your email to Murray so that he knows you are interested.

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