The School is going to experiment with video recording lectures to
mount on the web. In semester 1, we propose to record 2 lecture series
(about 15-20 hours) each. We're looking for a PhD student technician to
do the recording.

The student will be responsible for:
        - arriving before the lecture to set up the equipment for recording
        - recording the lecture
        - editing the lecture into segments as guided by the lecturer
        - mixing the lecture with the PPT/PDF video stream
        - mounting the video segments on EUCS's server and revising
                a web page that makes the downloads accessible
        - training and preparation before lectures start (est. 10 hours)
I estimate about 2-3 hours of work per hour of lecture, thus this job
will be about 70-100 hours in Semester 1 for each of 2 courses.

The lecture courses are:
    Intro. to Vision & Robotics - Tues/Fri 9-10 am, Appleton Tower LT1
    Logic Programming - Monday, Thursday 3-4 pm, Appleton Tower 4.12

The job will pay demonstrator rates.

The job could be split between 2 students, each responsible for 1 course.
There are likely to be additional courses recorded in Semester 2.

If you are interested, email me with:
   name, year in PhD, any experience you have with video recording and editting
   prefered courses, any time constraints for Semester 1.

Contact: Bob Fisher

Application: Apply by email to and copy your email to Bob so that he knows that you are interested.


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