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Inf2B Teaching Assistant (Algorithms section)
I am looking for a PhD student with strong algorithms skills
and also with some knowledge of learning. The work required
will include coursework preparation during semester 1, and
tutoring, lab support, and marking, during semester 2. There
will be 1.5 courseworks to prepare - one will be a strictly
algorithms coursework; we will also need to part-develop a
joint algorithms&learning coursework. The ideal candidate
would be a PhD student in their second year with a strong
background in Algorithms. Ideally the student should also
know some learning theory, but I think good mathematics (and
willingness to learn the material) could compensate for this.
The student should know Java, and (ideally) also know some

The tasks for the Inf2B (algorithms) TA will be as follows:
- The TA will work with the Lecturer (Mary Cryan) to develop
1.5 programming courseworks, and tests to accompany the
courseworks (for the students to use to check their work).
This should roughly be 50-60 hours (I think), and will be
completed in semester 1.
The 1.5 courseworks comprise one Algorithms coursework,
and half of a joint algorithms-and-learning coursework.
- TA will take one tutorial group per week, for 8 weeks, in
semester 2. Note that this will include learning-from-data
tutorials as well as algorithms ones.
(the tutorial sheets and solutions are done by the lecturer)
- TA will take two 2-hour labs for approximately 4 weeks during
semester 2. This is to give help with the courseworks the
TA has developed.
- TA will be chief marker for 1 or 2 of the tutorials, and will
help co-ordinate the marking. This will take about 50-60 hours
in semester 2.

Course webpage here:
Last year's course timetable, with lecture notes linked, is here:

Contact: Mary Cryan

Application: Apply by email to and copy your email to Mary so that she knows you are interested.

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