Course: Embedded Software

Type:  Teaching Assistant

Time in Year: Primarily  Semester 1, part semester 2

Number of Posts: 1

Description:  Assist with design and preparation of the practical exercise
for the course.

The sole piece of course work for the new ES practical is to involve a
staged development of a small application in real-time Java.  In
conjunction with Mike, you will design the practical and be solely
responsible for implementing an exemplar solution and a testing
harness for the course work. It is intended that 4 of the 5 weeks
allocated for this project will be spent developing the course work in
Semester 1 with the 5th week spent in Semester 2 fixing any bugs and
helping the students with any teething problems.

Skills: You will need to be a good Java programmer and have knowledge of
real-time concerns such as concurrency, deterministic behaviour, hard deadlines
etc.  Knowledge of real-time Java or equivalent will be a real asset
as will be the ability to design an unambiguous problem with a bullet-proof
test harness.

Payment is at demonstrator rate.

Total Hours:  175 (depending upon student numbers)

Contact: Michael O'Boyle

Application: Apply by email to tutor-applications@inf.ed.ac.uk and copy your email to Mike so that he knows you are interested.

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