Course: Parallel Programming Languages and Systems

Type:  Teaching Assistant

Time in Year:  Semester 2

Number of Posts: 1

Description:  Assist with design and preparation of the practical exercises
for the course, and undertake almost all the marking for these.
The first exercise is pencil-and-paper, requiring students to trace,
analyse and discuss some small shared-memory parallel code fragments,
spotting races, synchronisation errors and so on. The second has two
parts: an MPI programming exercise, and a literature
reading/discussion exercise.

Skills: You will need to be familiar with issues and algorithms in
shared memory and message passing parallel programming in general
(such as  synchronisation and race issues), and MPI to a good
level of competence in particular (experience in using a range of
MPI collective operations, familiarity with different communication
modes, experience of using communicators beyond MPI_COMM_WORLD).
For example, you might have previously achieved high marks
on a course such as this.

Payment is at demonstrator rate.

Total Hours:  up to 80 (depending upon student numbers)

Contact: Murray Cole

Application: Apply by email to tutor-applications@inf.ed.ac.uk and copy your email to Murray so that he knows you are interested.

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