CS3 Software Engineering with Objects and Components 1 - Tutors and Markers

  CS3 Software Engineering with Objects and Components 1

  6-8 Tutors/markers (depends upon class isze)
  Tutoring from weeks 2-9 inclusive, term 1
  2 assignments to be marked, I estimate 10-12 person hours marking time each.

Details on the module:

This course provides an introduction to software design using object
oriented techniques. The course covers the high level modelling of
systems using the Unified Modelling language (UML) and Java

Students collaborate in teams of 16 (one tutorial group consisting of
4 cooperating teams of 4 students each) to produce UML specifications
and prototype Java implementations of an industrial software system.

Tutorial exercises, handouts and assignments are already prepared, all that is
required is (light) supervision of the tutorials themselves and (shared)
marking of 2 assignments.

Minimal effort; prior knowledge of UML and Java desirable.

Contact: Massimo Felici (mfelici@inf.ed.ac.uk)

Application: Apply by email to tutor-applications@inf.ed.ac.uk and copy your email to Massimo so that he knows you are interested.

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