Operating Systems - Teaching Assistant

Type (Tut/Demo/Other ...):  Teaching Assistant

Time in Year:  Semester 1

Number of Posts: 1


Primarily assisting with the practical exercise, and (most of
the work) marking it.
The exercise concerns the Linux 2.4 kernel scheduler, running under
User Mode Linux. The TA will help me in assisting students with C
programming (most of them only know Java), with getting their heads
round the Linux kernel, and with understanding the scheduler code, as
well as in the practicalities of User Mode Linux.
This will probably be mostly via newsgroup, though it may be
appropriate to hold some tutorial sessions in person.

Course Web page

Payment is at demonstrator rate.

Total Hours:  up to 60

Contact: Julian Bradfield

Appy:  To tutor-applications@inf.ed.ac.uk