Computer Science 2 Tutoring Jobs

Type (Tut/Demo/Other ...):  Tutor

Time in Year:  CS2A: October-Christmas; CS2B: January - end of March; tutors often take both.

Number of Posts: 15 tutor jobs per course.

Description:  CS2 is the second-year computer science degree course. Although it consolidates and builds upon core material learnt in CS1, it is nonetheless pretty much self-contained. The only real prerequisite for tutors is a small amount of Java knowledge.

The course is split into two half-courses:

CS2A (Semester 1)

CS2Bh (Semester 2)) More information, can be found off the CS2 home page .

Each course can be tutored independently. However, it is also possible, indeed encouraged, to take the same tutorial group throughout the year for both half-courses

The tasks associated with taking 1 tutorial group for 1 half-course are:

For PhD students, the rate of pay is Typically, a PhD student will claim for 40 hours work per tutorial group for one half-course.

For academic staff, taking one tutorial group for one half-course counts as a single tutoring credit.

Contact:  To apply, register your interest by emailing