Jobs Offered (2003-2004)

Jobs will be advertised here as the details become available.
     If you have worked for a particular course before, and would like to again - but the details are not yet published on this page - please
     contact the course organiser (for first and second year courses) or the Module lecturer (for Honours modules). Duties are listed at
New posts are being added all the time, please check back for the latest additions and don't forget to click 'reload'.
Last updated: 17 September 2003, by Anna Hobbs.

Technical support Jobs

None at present

1st and 2nd Year Teaching Assistant

Other 1st and 2nd Year Jobs

Honours and MSc Jobs

If the job you are interested in does not have an advert you should look at the module descriptor at for an idea of the material which is covered in the module.

Term 1

AI Programming in Java - Demonstrators - posts filled
Algorithms and Data Structures - Tutors - posts filled
Automated Reasoning - Tutors (no advert)  - posts filled
Computer Design - Demonstrators each taking 3hrs per week + 4hrs marking in the term (no advert)  - posts filled
Computer Graphics - Marker (40 hours) (no advert) - post filled
Functional Programming and Specification - Tutors - posts filled
Introduction to Computational Linguistics - Tutors - posts filled
Introduction to AI Programming - Demonstrators - posts filled
Introduction to Vision and Robotics - Demonstrators (no advert) - posts filled
Knowledge Representation - Tutors (no advert) - posts filled
Learning from Data 1 - Tutors (no advert) - posts filled
Operating Systems - TA - post filled
Probabilistic Modelling and Reasoning - Tutors (no advert)  - posts filled
Software Engineering with Objects and Components 1 - Tutors - posts filled

Term 2

Cognitive Modelling - TA (no advert) - post filled
Compiling Techniques - Tutors (no advert) - posts filled
Computability and Intractability - Tutors (no advert) - posts filled
Computer Architecture - Tutors - posts filled
Computer Security - TA (no advert) - post filled
Data Intensive Linguistics - Tutors (no advert) - posts filled
Enterprise Computing - Tutors - posts filled
Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming - Tutors (no advert) - posts filled
Intelligent Sensing and Control - Demonstrators (no advert) - posts filled
Introduction to Cognitive Science - Tutors (no advert) - posts filled
Knowledge Management - Tutors (no advert) - posts filled
Language Semantics and Implementation - Tutors - posts filled


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