Artificial Intelligence 1 - Tutors

Type (Tut/Demo/Other ...):  Tutor

Time in Year:  term 1, weeks 2-9; term 2, weeks 1-9 (except week 3); term 3, weeks 1-5; times to be announced (but there will be some choice)

Number of Posts: 15 to 20

Description:  to give tutorials on AI1 material throughout the year covering Knowledge Representation, Prolog, Architectures, Levels of Description, Planning and Search, Experimental Methodologies, Philosophical Issues and Communications and Learning. Tutorial questions and model answers are provided. See:

Skills needed: : Prolog, basic knowledge of other areas.

Pay: Each contact hour with the students is paid at the UoE Tutor rate (£20.44/hour in 2002-03).

Note: we encourage tutors to take 2 or more tutorials each

Contact: Apply to

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